The Art of Technology in Translation

Translators have to be more than “just” good with words. This is no longer a profession in which we can rely on our linguistic skills. We have to stay on top of tools and systems. Definitely a chore, but satisfying when everything works well.

I recently purchased a new laptop to replace my desktop system (which has become my new backup system). My IT guru brother in Switzerland, whom I consult each time I have to make a decision of this type, strongly recommended a solid-state drive. Though I got less bang for my buck when it comes to storage, I don’t regret my decision one bit. It starts up in no time, it is super quiet and fast!

I am excited to have memoQ Translator Pro on my new system. This tool is fantastic, but more about this another time. What makes me almost break out in hives each time I purchase a new machine is installing Trados. Not only is their licensing system notoriously difficult to use and error-prone, I also had to dig out a nearly-defunct laptop from years ago, wedge in the power cord connector with a toothpick (the battery no longer works, and it kept shutting down because of a faulty connection), and try to return my license to Trados before being able to re-use it on my brand new system. It did not go very smoothly, but I researched solutions and prevailed! My victory dance upon two messages of “license installed successfully” was a sight to behold. Ask my boyfriend.

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